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Classical Background is taught from Year 4 when boys are introduced to Greek and Roman deities and heroes.  Latin is taught at The Mall from the spring term of Year 4 and is part of the Classical Background syllabus and uses Minimus 1 as its focus.

In Year 5 Latin is taught for two lessons a week before increasing to four lessons a week for Year 6 and beyond.  Lessons cover background or topic work including non-linguistic work on aspects of the ancient world, for instance Roman pastimes or Pompeii.

Pupils are normally able to take level 3 Latin at Common Entrance at the end of Year 8.  In Years 7 and 8 there is a scholarship class which includes Classical Greek that is offered to scholars for one lesson a week.


  • To engage and maintain both interest and curiosity about the Graeco- Roman world
  • To introduce boys to the Latin language
  • To provide a stimulating environment for the development of skills related to the learning of Latin
  • To establish links between the Latin language and other languages, including English
  • To introduce boys to non-linguistic aspects of the ancient world –with particular reference to Greek mythology
  • To promote a range of learning experiences through varied teaching strategies and set tasks