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Prep School

Boys transfer automatically from the Pre-Prep into Year 2 and from Years 2 to 6 boys will be on the main site at 185 Hampton Road. We continue to teach the boys in small class sizes, with the option to increase to three forms from Year 3, subject to demand and following our competitive assessment process for boys wanting to join at this stage.

As boys move through the prep school, we continue to focus on the core elements of English and Maths as these are the key subjects that the boys will be tested on in their 11+ examinations. From Year 4, they are taught these subjects in small groups according to ability. Alongside this they are taught a range of other academic subjects including science, languages, history and geography as well as continued specialist teaching in music, PE and swimming.


What parents say....

Amazing, highly academic and valuing each pupil’s individual talents.

Parent Exit Survey 2019

My son has felt happy and cared for and The Mall brought the best out of him.

Parent Exit Survey 2019

My son has thoroughly enjoyed his time at the Mall and has left a happy and confident child.

Parent Exit Survey 2019

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