Future Schools

Progress and academic outcomes

As a non-selective school for entry into Reception, we are very proud of the progress and academic achievement and outcomes of all our pupils when they leave at the end of Year 6. We regularly assess pupils to monitor their progress and our latest standardised data shows that 75% of Year 6 are in the top 25% nationally for reading (with 50% in the top 10%). In maths, 75% are in the top 15% nationally with 50% in the top 2%.

11+ destinations

In 2022 our Year 6 achieved an outstanding set of 11+ offers from 24 independent and selective state grammar schools.

70% of pupils received two or more offers, with 20% receiving 4 or more offers. 47% accepted places and are now studying at one of the following highly academically selective schools: Hampton, King’s College School, Kingston Grammar, St Paul’s Juniors, Tiffin, Sutton grammars and Whitgift. In 2021 this figure was 53% and in 2020 41%. Since the school moved to pupils leaving at 11+ there has been a significant increase in the number receiving offers from popular coeducational schools such as Kingston Grammar, St George’s and Latymer Upper and many more pupils now take 11+ exams to state grammar schools.

Pupils were offered nine academic scholarships to Hampton, King’s College School, Radnor House and St George’s College in addition to seven music scholarships and two sports scholarships.

11+ Exam Preparation

The Mall has an enviable track record in preparing pupils for successful entry to senior schools in the highly competitive London market. Despite being non-selective at Reception, we are consistently getting pupils into a range of highly academically selective senior schools including state grammar schools.

However, there is no such thing as the right school, only the right school for the individual child. Not every child is going to be highly academic and as a school we work with parents to identify the right school for them. We aim to prepare pupils academically and socially so they can move on confidently at the age of 11 to their next school and where they will flourish.

To support you in this process the Headmaster meets all parents individually from Year 4 to discuss senior school options and there are a series of future schools events where parents are informed about the process and what the school does to support them and their children.  We also run an annual senior school fair in the spring term where parents can meet representatives from a range of schools.

The school subscribes to websites to help pupils prepare for 11+ exams on paper and on screen. We encourage regular use of online revision to help support pupils with reading on screen and navigating computer systems similar to the ones used in 11+ exams. In the autumn term of Year 6 we arrange for every child in the year group to have a practice school interview, in person and virtually. This is an encouraging and fun experience and helps them to prepare for the experience of senior school interviews.

The table below lists the destination schools for our leavers and details of any academic or non-academic scholarship awards.


Beyond the classroom