Mall School Association (MSA)

The Mall School Association (MSA), registered charity No 801084, is a parent and teacher association set up to support the school by fundraising and putting on events.

The MSA raises funds to assist in the provision of resources for The Mall, subsidize extra-curricular educational experiences for its students and donate funds to local charities. All members are volunteers.

All parents of children at The Mall are de-facto members of the MSA at no cost. The MSA Committee consists of officers, two members of the teaching staff and up to sixteen ordinary members. Officers and ordinary members hold office for two years and each year about eight members retire from the committee by rotation.

The MSA also rely on volunteering support from class representatives, Mall School staff and teachers to meet its annual fundraising goals. Class representatives also socialise and promote MSA events to classes and they play a vital role in stimulating the presence and participation of parents.

Beyond the classroom