Admissions to other year groups

Admissions to other year groups

Year 1 2024 entry – we have reached capacity for this year group and are now operating a waiting list.

For more information about registering your daughter or son to join the waiting list for entry into Year 1 please email

Year 2 2024 entry

We are delighted to announce that we are expanding our co-educational provision to include Year 2 in September 2024. We are now accepting registrations for boys and girls to join the school in Year 2 and places are offered following a successful taster session.

For more information about your daughter or son joining us in Year 2 or if you would like to make an appointment to visit or register your child, please email

Years 3 to 5 2024 entry

We are accepting registrations for boys to join us in Years 3 to 5 in September 2024.

Registered children will be invited to come in for a taster day. Children will spend time with current pupils in their lessons as well as carrying out individual assessments in maths and English. We like the children to come in on a normal school day so that they can experience school life and we have plenty of time to get to know them in both classroom and social environments.

If you would like to register your child, please email

Please click HERE to visit us, or contact Ms Alex Penny, Headmaster’s PA & Admissions for more details.

What does the taster day involve?

Children are invited in for a taster day, spending most of the time in the classroom with pupils of their own age. During the day they will take an age appropriate assessment either on their own or in a small group.

For entry into Years 2 to 5  we use a testing system called InCAS, a computer-adaptive assessment that helps us identify and diagnose learning needs. The tests your child will take are in general maths and reading. These tests will produce a standardised score and are similar to scoring systems used in state schools.  This score will help us to identify the areas your child is strongest at and those they may need support with.

Please be assured that the content of the reading and maths tests will be familiar to your child and manageable. The test will be read to your child via headphones and the interface is very child friendly. A member of our teaching staff will support your child through the process and we have found in the past that children tend to enjoy the test and are not daunted by it.

The class based activities will follow the curriculum for the year group and a typical day will include maths and English. Depending on the day it will also include several of the following: history, geography, science, PE, music, IT and French. We also hear each children read individually.

How can I prepare my child for the assessment element of the taster day?

You may feel under pressure to engage a tutor ahead assessments into Years 3 and upwards. We just want to spend some time with your child finding out what their current levels of ability are and future potential may be so we encourage you not to tutor your child. You might want to visit the school with your child ahead of the taster day so they are familiar with the environment but our teachers are very experienced at making children feel welcome.

Talking through what is going to happen on the day is a useful way of preparing your child for what is going to happen – remember the test only forms a small part of the taster day and ultimately we want children to enjoy the day and make new friends. We also would love to hear about what your child does outside of school and what interests they have so be sure to encourage them to tell us.

What level of academic ability are you expecting from my child?

We would expect a child to be attaining above age related expectations (state schools) or with a standardised score of 112+ if these are used in an independent pre-prep. Part of the reason we invite children in for the day is so we can get a balanced picture of an individual pupil. For example, a child may be nervous in the tests and not perform particularly strongly, but shows active participation and good knowledge / ability in the class based activities.

We also look at school reports from the current school which may identify a particular aptitude in a subject.

What other information will you need from us prior to the assessment?

In advance of the assessment day you will need to:

  • provide us with a copy of your child’s most recent school report
  • completed registration form
  • payment of registration fee

All of these steps need to be completed in order for your child to sit the assessment on the agreed date.

The smaller class sizes enable the teaching staff to get to know the boys very well and support and nurture them as needed.

Current parent summer 2022

It’s a great school! My son never complains about going, it’s academic but not unduly so and there is a friendliness about the approach to pupils and parents.

RSAcademics Parent Survey 2019

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