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After School Clubs

The school offers a wide range of after school activities and wraparound care from 7.30am to 6.00pm. Pupils are actively encouraged to take part in the range of activities on offer which include the following clubs.

Bookings for clubs are made online and further details can be obtained from the Extra-Curricular Coordinator (

Basketball – Years 4-6

Brentford FC lead a very successful basketball club for Years 4-6 in our purpose built sports hall. Children learn skills, tactics and play matches.

Chess – Years 2 – 6

Operated by Richmond Junior Chess Club, open to pupils of all abilities in Years 2 – 6. This club offers all boys the chance to master and develop their game, with a structured mixture of teaching and playing, including the opportunity to play in tournaments and achieve badges, along with entrance into competitions.

Computer Xplorers- Micro:bit club – Years 4-6

The micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that introduces you to how software and hardware work together. It has an LED light display, buttons, sensors and many input/output features that, when programmed, let it interact with you and your world.Come and Xplore the Micro:bit Club!

Cooking – Years R-3

Fun, inspiration and education is what Kiddy Cook is all about, the team are passionate about teaching children and young people how to have fun with food. Whilst we all have different definitions of healthy, Kiddy Cook aims to use only the ‘good stuff’! All of the recipes Kiddy Cook choose to prepare with the children taste fantastic and most are good for us, importantly every one of them makes us feel good after we’ve eaten it!

Dodgeball – Years 3-4

The Brentford FC Football in the Community Programme, established in 1987, was amongst the pioneering programmes aimed at engaging football clubs with their communities. Dodgeball is an exciting, fast-paced small sided game. One of the Brentford FC Community Sports Trust UEFA B Licenced dodgeball coaches will deliver dodgeball specific session that aim to improve the fundamental techniques, skills and tactics required to play the game.

Judo – Years 1-6 / Karate – Years 4-6

Giving pupils from Year 1-6 the opportunity to learn judo under the guidance of Bu’sen judo school, the Anglo Japanese is the oldest Judo and Martial Arts Association in the UK, founded by Kaoru Mishiku Sensei in 1929. Mishiku Sensei was a master of Judo, Ju-jutsu and Kendo, and a graduate of the Sekai Butokukai, which was the premier Martial Arts University of Japan. The form of Judo practised by our club is Kyo Shin Do, which is not merely a style of Judo, but a philosophy, laying great emphasis on safety, discipline and the building of confidence.

Music Technology music – Years 3-6

The M:Tech course provides a unique opportunity for children to participate in creative composition by combining traditional music theory with the latest creative technologies.

Swimming – Years R-4

Learning to swim with Patterson’s Penguins is fun for all ages and swimming abilities and a great way of getting fit and healthy.

Tennis – Years 1-3

Premier Education’s primary focus is on coaching children and giving them the best possible environment to succeed and be happy. Hosting a tennis club for boys from Year 1-3, they are committed to the individual development of each child, and their goal is simple – to help children realise their potential in life. (Spring & Summer term only)

Tag Rugby – Years 3-6

Tag is to get the ball to the other end of the pitch whilst dodging the opposing players. Rather than pulling you to the floor, however, the opponent simply needs to grab your Velco tag to get the ball. Tag rugby has all the speed, excitement and skill of traditional rugby, but with simpler and safer rules. It is fast-paced and every member of the team plays an important role, no matter how much practice they have had.

Fencing – Years 4-6

Premier Education’s coaches have all received high quality training to teach fencing to primary school children. As one of our more unique sports, fencing is a great way to build focus, accuracy and lightning-fast reflexes.

Touch Typing – Years 4-6

Touch Typing is a style of typing and is all about the idea that each finger has its own area on the keyboard. Practice regularly and your fingers will learn their location on the keyboard through muscle memory. In this club you will learn to type faster, increase your accuracy and improve your posture in a fun and exciting way. Come and join the Touch Typing club

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