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Redevelopment of our outside space.

Following feedback from current and prospective parents, we recognised a need to update our outside play spaces to bring them up to the standard of the internal facilities at the school. Timotay Playscapes, a specialist in the schools and nurseries sector, created a series of innovative and exciting designs which has transformed the outside space. With input from pupils, parents and staff the designers created a series of zones which maximises the opportunities for all pupils for their imaginative, creative and physical play.

This is an ongoing project and progress can be seen by the updated images. If you would like to donate please use the donate form below.


Outside Areas

The plan was to create purpose-built zones that address creative, imaginative and physical play and place them in the most appropriate locations.

Quiet reflective areas have been included, along with natural sensory areas, giving pupils calm spaces in which to experience a variety of sounds, smells, textures and colours. Exploratory and messy play areas with mud kitchens, camp making, nature exploration to water based science play with interactive elements and performance stages are all included.

Junior Playground

The school currently has a flat standard tarmac playground and the existing play equipment is rather dull and uninspiring. The new design will allow for the front reception area to create a warm and welcoming feeling with surfacing that will create flow and movement.

Interactive Zones

Within the junior playground it has been able to create and include shaded social interaction performance and story time zones, where children can socialise, sit and read books, or undertake creative arts. The existing climbing frame will be modernised and extended to add challenge for all ages.

A stage area for performing arts will cover a dead zone which is currently unused. A nature zone will encourage wildlife, and exploration, messy soil dig areas and camp building. This means that the surfacing will be modernised, with the latest all-weather play grass bringing a soft feel, and safety element to this playground wrapping.

A fantastic water zone will be created to promote teamwork and cooperation, and early sciences, all through the discovery of water play.

Sports Area

This area has been lifted and brightened, adding a more playful feel to reflect the school’s ambition of modernization.

To brighten the space and to add an exciting journey that the children can take themselves on, we have designed a one off around the world interactive wall with cause and effect, creative and imaginative features. The surfacing will be a mix of the latest sports’ surface resin bonded aggregate.

Creative and Chill out Zones

Curiosity and inquisitiveness form the beginnings of meaningful learning about ourselves and the world.  So, what better way than to create Curiosity and Creativity Zones and to brighten the space and to add an exciting journey that the children can take themselves on?

A unique shaded zone with interlocking triangular coloured polycarbonate shaped roof  adds an ever-changing visual effect and atmosphere.

Pockets of seating and creative quote posts have been dotted around below the canopy. A backdrop of a faux living wall softens and screens the storage area.

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