3 children looking at their own PCs

The Children’s Book Drive

9th April 24

students piling books on the floor

We have been supporting The Children’s Book Project and held our own book drive last term to encourage all pupils and parents to bring in their unwanted books.

Across London and the UK, 1 in 4 disadvantaged children owns fewer than 10 books, whilst 1 in 8 has none at all.  This has an impact not only on these children’s academic outcomes but also on their wellbeing, emotional development and sense of themselves as a reader.

The Children’s Book Project directly tackles this ‘book gap’ and gifts donated books to targeted communities across London.  Over 500 schools, community groups, women’s groups and prisons nationwide put on book gifting events at which children are invited to choose a book to take it home and keep.  The charity expects to gift upwards of 350,000 books this year.

Thank you all so much for your generous book donations. Our librarians and prefects have been busy organising them. The books will be delivered to The Children’s Book Project over the holidays. We are sure that all of your books will be welcomed in their new homes.

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