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Playground Redevelopment

15th May 23

During the summer, Phase 1 of the playground redevelopment will take place which includes the creation of two quiet areas.  In the larger of the two areas there are a number of pillars which will include inspirational quotes. We would like the pupils to be involved in choosing the quotes for this area.

Every pupil from Reception to Year 6 is asked to provide one quote. This can be from a real person – living or historical – a fictional character, anonymous or even a quote that they have made up themselves. Quotes could also include inspirational proverbs. We would like to include quotes from both women and men, and from a range of cultures.

Quotes should be no more than ten words and also include who said it. We are looking for quotes that are going to inspire future generations of Mallians.  We will then choose the quotes which will appear in the quiet area.

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