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Year 3 – Cinquain Poems

12th January 22

In Year 3 the boys have been learning about cinquain (five line) poems. There are various types of cinquains but the ones we chose are written as follows: the first line is a one word title; the second line contains two adjectives; the third line has three words ending in –ing; the fourth line has four or more words that make a sentence; and the fifth line is one word that is a synonym of the title or is very similar to it. The boys enjoyed the challenge and came up with some wonderful examples.

Feathery, colourful
Soaring, Flying, Gliding
Delicate toucan perched on a branch
(Written by Oki and Alex)

Hairy, fierce
Growling, ripping, stampeding
Taking all the precious meat
(Written by Kiyotaka and Aditya)

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