Activities Day

23rd March 21

All the boys enjoyed an on-site Activities Day on Monday.

Reception to Year 2 boys became circus performers in a skills workshop where they were able to try out a range of tricks and skills, incorporating physical skills from the PE curriculum, including agility, balance and coordination. The activities were a lot of fun as well as helping the boys develop their flexibility, strength and control. They also blasted off into space to experience an immersive virtual reality experience where they had to pilot their research vessels around planets and moons, learning about the solar system.

Years 3 and 4 took part in a drama workshop run by our extra-curricular provider, Dragon Drama. Over the day the boys built up to an improvisation competition against each other in the afternoon, Year 3s versus Year 4s. The boys also got to experience being part of a clapometer.

Year 5 enjoyed a puzzle workshop where they had their thinking and problem solving skills challenged by The Problem Solving Company, who have created a unique selection of enlarged puzzles specifically for use by groups within a school setting.

In the morning Year 6 met the energetic Professor Nitrate who took the boys on a science tour of discovery. They learnt about elements, why molecules bond, what the magic of lift is and the power of pressure as well as experiencing explosions. This was followed by a forensic science workshop in which the the boys had to work together to piece together the evidence to solve a crime. In the afternoon the boys had a martial arts session out in the playground

The aim of the day was to let the boys spend time taking part in some fun activities in groups with their friends as this is something they had all missed during the period of school closure.

Beyond the classroom