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11+ offers 2020

11th June 20

Boys in Year 6 have again received another outstanding number of offers and awards for entry into nineteen senior independent and state grammar schools.

Nearly one-third of boys have been offered 11+ places at the highly competitive senior schools: Hampton, King’s College Wimbledon, Kingston Grammar School and Latymer Upper School. Five boys received offers from selective state grammar schools including Tiffin, Queen Elizabeth’s Barnet and Wilson’s in Sutton. Two boys received 11+ pre-test offers, one for Eton and one for Westminster and will now spend two years at a 13+ prep school.

Nine academic awards were received from: Claremont Fan Court, King’s College Wimbledon, Hampton (2), Kingston Grammar, Radnor House (2), St George’s College and St James. Nine non-academic awards were received from: Epsom College (music), Halliford (music), Hampton (music and chess), LVS Ascot (sport), Radnor House (music) and St James (sport 3)

Senior school Number of offers Awards
Claremont Fan Court 2 Academic
Epsom College 1 Music
Eton College 1*
Halliford 6 Music
Hampton 9

Academic (2)



King’s College School 4 Academic
Kingston Grammar School 4 Academic
Latymer Upper 2
LVS Ascot 2 Sport
Radnor House 5

Academic (2)


Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet 1
Reed’s 2
St Benedict’s Ealing 1
St George’s College 10 Academic
St James 10


Sport (3)

Sutton Grammar 1
Tiffin 2
Westminster   1*
Wilson’s Grammar 2


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