3 children looking at their own PCs

Year 6 Junior Citizenship course

5th October 19

Year 6 took part in a Transport for London Junior Citizenship course this week. The course helps prepare children for various incidents and situations they may encounter and is timed to coincide with when children are becoming more independent ahead of their move to senior school. Topics included: the causes of fire, travelling safely on public transport, fraud and scamming and stranger danger.

For every activity they completed, each group received a score out of ten and all the boys were given a hi-visibility jacket upon completion of the course.

Toby: “I think this is a very good thing for Year 6 to do because we are likely to start going more places on our own.”

Alfie: “I really enjoyed the Junior Citizenship morning. It felt like I learnt a lot about safety and helping others. I have learnt about being more independent which I think is great.”

Max: “My favourite activities were about train safety and bus safety. The course has been extremely enjoyable and I have learnt loads of things about staying safe.”

Aditya: “One of my favourite activities was stranger danger. Two people were looking for their dog and asked us to help them find the dog. But it was not real, they were policeman.”

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