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11+ offers and awards – outstanding results for Year 6 boys

8th March 19

Offers have been made from twenty-two senior independent or state grammar schools with three-quarters of the boys receiving more than one offer.

  • Twelve boys have been offered places at Hampton.
  • Offers were also received from Westminster Under, St Paul’s Juniors and KCS Wimbledon, schools that were have traditionally sent boys to at 13+.
  • We have also received offers for the first time in recent years from Latymer Upper.
  • Ten boys have offers from state grammar schools, including 7 from Tiffin in Kingston.
  • Seven academic awards were received from: King’s College Wimbledon, Hampton (2), St George’s (2), Radnor House and St James
  • Four non-academic awards were received from: Hampton (music and sport), Reed’s (sport) and St Paul’s (music).

This year there has been another increase in the demand for places at secondary school which makes the offers our boys have received even more outstanding. Here is the full breakdown of the offers and awards:

We will publish the destinations the boys have chosen in due course. Well done Year 6!!

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