3 children looking at their own PCs

Activities Day for Years 4 to 8

5th November 18

Each autumn, boys in Years 4 to 8 take part in an Activities Day at school. We invite a number of organisations in to run specialist workshops as part of our commitment to enrich the boys’ learning experience.

Working in small groups, Year 4 had to use their creative and problem solving skills to solve a number of enlarged puzzles.

Year 5 boys took part in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) day at school. They were challenged to design and build a crash proof vehicle.

Year 6 boys enjoyed a series of African drumming and dance workshops. At the end of the day they performed their set pieces to parents in the theatre. It was a great way to unwind after their exams earlier in the week.

The boys in Year 7 took part in a one-day leadership course comprising physical and skill-based challenges as part of an entrepreneurial group-based project.

Year 8 boys had their own STEM day. They worked together in small groups on a “Smart Building Challenge” to design and build a system to filter, collect, detect and pump collected rainwater as part of an integrated system on a new smart building.

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