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  • The Mall School, 185 Hampton Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 5NQ
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The Mall is an independent day prep school for boys in Twickenham. We believe that all boys have potential and it is through inspirational teaching and excellent pastoral care that we can develop this potential.

We achieve this by providing a supportive community where your son is known, valued and has a voice. We will help him to develop his full potential whether it is academic, sporting, musical, dramatic or artistic. By providing a rich and challenging curriculum we will encourage him to develop his natural curiosity and independence. 

We want your son to leave The Mall as a confident, independent and well-rounded young man. There is no such thing as a typical Mall boy but one thing they all have in common is that they are thoughtful in all senses of the word. We want to encourage your son's intellectual curiosity about the world around him while at the same time promoting his consideration and concern for the welfare of others. The Mall' s strong pastoral environment will meet the needs of your son and promote his development as a happy and considerate young man.

A website can only tell you so much about a school therefore I would be delighted to meet you and give you an opportunity to look around and discover why I believe The Mall would be an excellent school for your son.

The Mall School has announced that it is to move from being a 13+ school to an 11+ school. The current Year 4 boys will be the first to leave at the end of Year 6 in July 2019.

Over the past 18 months the school has undertaken internal and external assessment of the local market and conditions for senior schools which concluded that senior schools are experiencing an increase in demand for places at 11+ driven largely by parents’ preferences. In response, the supply of places at 11+ has increased.

Headmaster David Price said, “We want to play to our educational and pastoral strengths and secure the best future for all our boys. It is our strong belief that in making this structural change now, the ethos of the school will remain intact and our strong record of success and ability to bring out the best in every boy will be maintained.”

The Mall School will continue to offer boys an excellent all-round education with a rich and challenging curriculum with strong pastoral care focused on each boy’s happiness and well-being.  As an independent prep school, The Mall will continue to prepare boys for a range of academically selective senior schools.

For more information about the decision to move to 11+ please read our further information booklet for parents.