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From birth humans are constantly learning about the environment and have an innate fascination with the world around them. The study of science allows children to find answers to questions about what things are and why things happen. With this curiosity about the world, the aim is to encourage questioning and the opportunity for the boys at The Mall to explore and engage with science.

As well as the acquisition of knowledge, Science at The Mall provides them with the opportunity to develop a wider range of skills. This takes the form of investigating, analysing and evaluating, as well as applying knowledge and creating new, and better, ways of doing things.

In order for the human race to progress and evolve as a society we need creative, scientific minds to lead the way into the next generation of engineering and medical technology. Those boys who do not choose to follow a science related career pathway, will still value what they have learned in science.  They will surprise themselves when they are able to use their knowledge to understand something scientific in their everyday life.

Throughout the science course at The Mall boys will develop their knowledge, skills and understanding from these four attainment targets:

  • How science works.
  • Biology, including organisms, their behaviour and the environment.
  • Chemistry, including materials, their properties and the Earth.
  • Physics, including energy, forces and space.


  • To develop  knowledge and understanding of the world by introducing scientific activities appropriate to age and ability, and by providing scientific experiences with which to link and make sense of a variety of phenomena.
  • To enable boys to acquire, develop and refine practical skills and thought processes including prediction, questioning, inference, concluding and evaluating.
  • To encourage the development of language and communication skills using verbal, written and diagrammatic form. The use of science-specific language is to be encouraged where appropriate, particularly in the older age groups.
  • To develop basic research skills using their own experiences, as well as those of others and reference books.
  • To prepare older boys for Common Entrance and Scholarship Examinations.
  • To prepare older boys for the practical based science syllabi they will encounter at senior school.
  • To familiarise younger boys with the school laboratory and scientific methods.
  • To develop safe working practices by year 6 so that boys can safely carry out class practical work in most lessons.
  • To allow the boys to recognise the cross-curricular links of Science with other subjects from Mathematics and Geography, to PE and Latin.
  • To allow the boys to develop a life-long appreciation of how science is needed and used in our everyday lives; past, present and future.