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The great book of nature can be read by those who know the language in which it was written.  And that language is mathematics.


Mathematics is an integral part of our daily life and it provides a way of viewing and making sense of the world we live in. It is used to analyse and to communicate information and ideas. The ability to recognise mathematical problems and the ability to apply adequate strategies is a life skill. Mathematics also provides the means for creating new imaginary worlds to explore and it is through this exploration that mathematics is modified and extended.

In Mall Infants, every effort is made to help the children realize that the subject is a lot of fun where games, projects and practical activities encourage pupils to use imagination and initiative with children developing a proficiency in the basic numeracy skills through the wider context of mathematics.  As the boys become more familiar with numeracy, an increasing emphasis is placed on algebra, space and shape, and data handling as well as investigations and developing problem solving strategies, although all areas of maths are covered from Reception to Year 8.


Our aims for the teaching and learning of mathematics are founded on the understanding that all pupils should enjoy equality of access to this subject with the provision of a high quality curriculum that will:

  • Develop pupils' oral, written and practical mathematical understanding, knowledge and skills in a manner which develops confidence and is enjoyable.
  • Enable pupils to develop a feel for number, to make estimations, perform calculations and to understand the significance of the results obtained.
  • Enable pupils to solve mathematical problems and interpret their results.
  • Develop pupils’ abilities to reason logically, to classify, generalise and prove.
  • Encourage pupils to appreciate patterns and relationships in mathematics.
  • Enable pupils to apply mathematics in everyday situations.
  • Provide pupils with such mathematics as may be needed for the study of other subjects (eg. geography and science).
  • Provide pupils with a foundation appropriate to the further study of mathematics and related disciplines.
  • Prepare pupils for CE and Scholarship examinations.