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History serves a very important role at The Mall intellectually, but the educational role extends beyond the school’s curriculum. An important educational spin off is in the moral and social development of pupils.

As well as the study of human faith and frailty that is apparent when discussing the role of religion, other such weighty aspects of the human experience, such as racism, can be accessed via topics such as the Atlantic slave trade and the current political climate between the Middle East and the West can be partially contextualized by the Crusades.

From Reception to Year 3, History is taught through topics as part of the Knowledge and Understanding of the World curriculum. From Year 4, History is taught as a separate subject for two or three periods a week. One homework a week is set for each year group.


  • To develop enjoyment and stimulation for the subject and to handle historical evidence and make structured conclusions from it.
  • To develop the boys’ use of historical language.
  • To develop a range and depth of historical knowledge and understanding.
  • To have the pupils realise that the past, the present and the future are inextricably linked, thereby removing any notion of history being abstract.
  • To encourage pupils to express themselves clearly in both speech and writing and to develop their reading skills.
  • To create tangible links between history and the other subjects taught at The Mall.

There is an infinite amount of learning inherent in the study of history and it is an essential task of the history department of The Mall to make sure that the pupils are given as much access to learning as possible. Mediums of learning, such as the making of newspaper articles and the critical viewing of historical films, provides the pupils with the opportunity to obtain a much wider view of our lives than may otherwise be realised. This personal development is further extended by the use of drama and ‘public’ speaking exercises, which naturally can have creative effects in other fields of school and personal life.