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  • The Mall School, 185 Hampton Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 5NQ
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At The Mall we are concerned with the development of the whole child. A child who can communicate effectively will have every reason to be confident and will have a healthy self-esteem.

Language skills begin to develop in infancy through interaction with other people in the child’s environment. The school aims to enhance this development by providing relevant activities and focused teaching to advance the acquisition of these skills. All pupils are taught through a balance of different teaching methods such as focused analysis of written text, published learning materials, role play, teacher prepared materials and educational visits. We also strive to use video resources, ICT as well as real experience and practical tasks.

To this end, we encourage all pupils to develop their knowledge of English as a language as well as a literary tool.


We strive to help the Mall boys to:

  • Develop a love of books and to read fluently from a wide variety of texts for pleasure and enlightenment as well as to respond to a wide range of literature and poetry.
  • Understand and use appropriate language when writing for specific purposes and to develop neat and legible handwriting.
  • Develop an interest in words and their meanings and encourage an ever growing vocabulary.
  • Listen attentively retaining as much detail as they are able.
  • Speak confidently with intonation, clear diction, accurate grammar and appropriate style.
  • Develop lively and enquiring minds, by equipping them with the ability to question and argue rationally.

The acquisition of these skills will provide the boys with the foundations which will lead to academic success. As the boys progress through the school, their work will be influenced by the requirements of Common Entrance. Homework, interaction in class and engagement play an important role in the boys’ development.