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After School Clubs

The School offers a wide range of after school activities. Boys are actively encouraged to take part in the range of activities on offer. Below are a selection of the School's after school activities.


Film-Making and Animation club

This club is available to boys in Year 4 and above. It provides an introduction to the basic skills of Stop Motion Animation. Working with plasticine, lego and a variety of other objects, the boys use laptops and cameras to create short Stop Motion Animation clips using "I Can Animate" software. Clips are then developed further by adding sound, graphics, transitions and other effects.



This long-standing club is open to boys of all abilities from Year 2 upwards. It offers all boys the chance to master and develop their game, with a structured mixture of teaching and playing. including the opportunity to play in tournaments and achieve badges.

RICHMOND KNIGHTS Basketball club

Richmond Knights run a very successful basketball club for boys from Year 4-8 in our purpose built sports hall. Boys learn skills, tactics and play matches. They also compete in matches against other local prep schools and basketball tournaments.

M:Tech Music club

The M:Tech course is designed to help children understand, appreciate and above all enjoy composing music using the latest technologies. As children progress through the grades they will explore all of the music theory necessary to become confident listeners, performers and composers. They will learn how to create and effectively develop their ideas, build up music keyboard skills, explore both contemporary and orchestral instruments and compose using different textures and layers.



Giving boys from Year 1-8 the opportunity to learn judo under the guidance of Bu'sen judo school, the Anglo Japanese is the oldest Judo and Martial Arts Association in the UK, founded by Kaoru Mishiku Sensei in 1929. Mishiku Sensei was a master of Judo, Ju-jutsu and Kendo, and a graduate of the Sekai Butokukai, which was the premier Martial Arts University of Japan. The form of Judo practised by our club is Kyo Shin Do, which is not merely a style of Judo, but a philosophy, laying great emphasis on safety, discipline and the building of confidence. 





This club introduces children in Years 1-3 into the world of drama. Drama boosts confidence, promotes teamwork and stimulates creativity. Areas covered include improvisation, observation and character work. The sessions are delivered by Perform Drama and are designed to expand each boy's ability and awareness.



Fun, inspiration and education is what Kiddy Cook is all about, the team are passionate about teaching children and young
people how to have fun with food. Whilst we all have different definitions of healthy, Kiddy Cook aims to use only the
'good stuff'! All of the recipes Kiddy Cook choose to prepare with the boys taste fantastic and most are good for us,
importantly every one of them makes us feel good after we've eaten it!


England Sports Group's primary focus is on coaching children and giving them the best possible environment to succeed and be happy. Hosting a tennis club for boys from Year 1-6, they are committed to the individual development of each child, and their goal is simple – to help children realise their potential in life.  



Our term time after school sessions help children to better to understand the world around them. We explore a wide variety of scientific topics across Chemistry, Biology and Physics which are linked to the National Curriculum and supplement STEM primary learning. During each fun and educational weekly one hour session, children observe and exciting demonstration, enquire about the science behind it and then engage in hands-on activity to confirm their findings. Parents also receive a topic sheet after every session telling them what their child has done and other experiment to continue the science at home. Our sessions are designed to inspire children of all abilities to have a love of science both in and out of school.



Inclusive military themed fitness sessions for boys focusing on team-building, fitness, military skills and of course fun. Sessions will make use of both the sports hall and senior playground. Sessions will be run by Mr Clark who spent 5 years in the Royal Military Police (Army) as a physical training instructor, and 7 years as a Head of Year (Pastoral) in a secondary school in west London. An example of a session would be a focused fitness session, followed by instruction around call signs, ending with an exercise in the senior playground utilising walkie-talkies to demonstrate learning. 



Learning to swim with Patterson’s Penguins is fun for all ages and swimming abilities and a great way of getting fit and healthy. 



Giving boys in Years 3-8 an opportunity to learn music theory at a sensible pace, alongside their instrumental lessons, going at a speed that suits them individually. Run by Mrs Vickie van Uden, The Mall School brass teacher, boys would be able to take theory exams from Grade 1 upwards, as and when they were ready to do them. Music theory will support and extend all the things that boys are learning in their instrumental lessons and is an essential element of music education for anyone who wants to continue on to intermediate or advanced levels of playing. 




Clay club is open to anyone who wants to make models and items from earthenware clay. Boys will learn basic techniques of rolling, coiling, slabbing and joining pieces together, and will experiment with tools and materials to create interesting textures and designs.  A wide range of pieces will be made over the course of the term, some of which will be fired and glazed in a kiln. All materials will be provided. 


A club for experienced coders. The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python. All boys will receive their own Raspberry Pi unit which they can take home at the end of the term.


The Brentford FC Football in the Community Programme, established in 1987, was amongst the pioneering programmes aimed at engaging football clubs with their communities. Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced small sided version of football. One of the Brentford FC Community Sports Trust UEFA B Licenced Futsal coaches will deliver futsal specific session that aim to improve the fundamental techniques, skills and tactics required to play the game.