Student using playdoh

Reception – Year 1

Your son will begin his learning journey in the nurturing and friendly environment of our Reception and Year 1 classes. Each of the small classes is taught by a full time class teacher and teaching assistant. We aim to give your son the best start possible, encouraging him to develop a love of learning that will last his whole life.

There is no assessment to join The Mall at the start of Reception and we recognise that boys who join us will have had a wide range of experiences before they join us. Every boy is different and we understand that your son will have his own interests, abilities and unique take on the world. It is our job to nurture and challenge your son and bring out the best in him.

We do this by providing a warm, welcoming environment, in small classes with supportive and encouraging staff. Our carefully planned and targeted curriculum is designed to appeal to boys but at the same time to challenge them and captivate their interest. Your son will be taught a varied curriculum that includes weekly music and PE lessons from subject specialists. Additionally, he will enjoy learning to swim in The Mall’s own indoor, heated swimming pool.

Your son will make extraordinary progress during his time at the Pre-Prep and grow into a confident and well-rounded individual, who will be more than ready to take on new challenges as he moves into Year 2.

Beyond the classroom