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Religious Studies

Religious Studies is taught across the school. From Reception to Year 3, world faiths are covered through festivals, places of worship and basic beliefs. Being a school of all faiths, at The Mall we can draw upon individual boys’ beliefs and experiences to bring the subject to life.

As an introduction to the subject in Year 4, pupils are encouraged to consider that life is generally viewed through different “glasses” meaning that, from the outset, our view of life is inevitably shaped – at least initially – by the situation in which we find ourselves: our country, culture, upbringing and circumstances. These factors shape our beliefs and impact our lives – whether they be from a religious or non-religious point of view. Through R.S. at the Mall, we aim to put on different glasses to see how the world is perceived by different people and, in doing so, consider the big questions of life such as “Who are we?” “Why are we here?” “Where are we going?” “What happens after death?” “Is there a God?” “Are all religions the same?”


  • To provide the opportunity to stop and consider some of the important fundamentals of life and the bigger picture which can often be ignored or sidelined in busy lives.
  • To promote understanding for others’ opinions, viewpoints, religions and life-styles.
  • To enable pupils to transfer subjects and issues raised from the Biblical text to the modern world and consider contemporary viewpoints and well-known figures connected with them.
  • To provide sufficient teaching material and an appropriate environment for pupils to examine their own beliefs and perspectives on life as well as those of others.
  • To make the study of religion interesting, enjoyable and relevant.

As well as making sure the boys are well equipped to tackle the subject, we aim to encourage them to take part in discussions on contemporary issues regarding faith, belief and science.