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How to run events

Who Runs MSA Events?

Throughout the year, the MSA run events and activities that enhance and enrich the experience of our boys. We do this with the collective, active help and support from Class Reps, parents, teachers, staff and also our boys.

For our school fairs, the MSA assigns stalls by year. Class Reps then organise rotas with same year parents to manage their assigned stalls. The MSA committee members also run specific stalls like raffles as well as sort out ad-hoc tasks to ensure our school fairs are successful. Teachers always pitch-in to help as needed. Staff help us put everything together and then pull it apart and away on the day. We thank all parents, teachers, staff and boys who offer to help on the day and to all who help with planning and preparations. Thank you!

Summer Fair - Stall Allocation
Activity Responsible
Chuck-a-Duck, Pick-a-Lolly, Teddy Tombola Reception
Sweets-in-a-Jar, Treasure Map Year 1
BBQ, Bar Year 2
Beat the Goalie, Inflatables Activity Course Year 3
Cakes, Lunch Boxes, Soft Drinks Year 4
Hoopla, Ping Pong Game, Toy Shop Year 5
10 Green Bottles, Coconut Shy Year 6
Last Man Standing, Lucky Dip Year 7
Bottle Tombola, Stocks, Enterprise Year 8
Crockery Smash Teachers
Raffles, Pimms MSA
Christmas Fair - Stall Allocation
Nerf skiers, Art Zone, Race to the North Pole Reception
Secrets Room Year 1
Santa's Grotto Year 2

Lucky Dip, Second Hand Books, Bottle Tombola & Knock Santa off the Chimney

Year 3
Sumo Wrestling, Rowing Machine, Target Goal, Basketball Year 4
Catering, Bar Year 5
Toy & Teddy Tombola, Sweets-in-the-Bag Year 6
Elf Skittles, Waffle Stall Year 7
Gate-Tokens, Raffle Tickets, Grotto Tickets Year 8
Cake Stall Teachers

Supervision of Y6/Y7 DVD/CD Stall, Treasure Map, 

Hot Drinks, supervision of Disco Dome

Y6/Y7/Y8 Boys to run DVD/CD Stall & Wheel of Fortune Other