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  • The Mall School, 185 Hampton Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 5NQ
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Committee structure

The key elements of the structure of the association are the:

  1. Constitution (governing document)
  2. Members
  3. Committee
  4. Trustees


The MSA’s Constitution establishes the fundamental rules by which the association is governed and describes: the aims of the association and its powers, its membership, the size of the committee and how members are elected, the need for an annual audit and general meeting. Below, please download a copy of our current Constitution.

MSA Constitution


Members of the MSA consist of parents, guardians or any other person having legal custody of pupils currently attending The Mall School or of children who have been offered a place at The Mall School and have accepted that place. Members of The Mall School’s teaching staff are also included in the MSA.

Members are not legally responsible for the actions of the association. It is the elected committee members who are legally responsible for the management of the association.


A committee is a team of volunteers who are elected at the association's Annual General Meeting (AGM) to manage the association on behalf of the members. There are two types of committee member, Officer and Ordinary member. Officers have specific roles such as Chair, Treasurer or Secretary. Ordinary Committee Members play a vital role working alongside and supporting the Officers. All committee members have equal voting rights, with the exception of the Chair, who has an additional casting vote, should this be needed.

2017/2018 Committee

Headmaster, President (ex-officio)


David Price

Louise Hatch 

Honorary Secretary Maria Norris
Honorary Treasurer Gergana Duff
Member of Staff Juliet Tovey
Ordinary Members  
Alice Amissah Laura Garnham
Anna Palk Louise Hatch 
Claire Brydon Sarah Connor
Eva Marten Susie Karir
Inken Parker Zoe Watson
Karren Herzog Paul Shah

Additional support

In addition to the elected committee, the MSA have a list of flexible volunteers/helpers, who are willing to support the work of the committee on an ad-hoc basis. It is acceptable for such volunteers to attend committee meetings when they can but they do not have a vote; only elected committee members (Ordinary and Officers) can vote. Consider volunteering as a flexible MSA volunteer to learn more about the Committee (try before you commit) and you may well go on to being a fully elected committee member with full voting rights.


The MSA is a registered charity, Number 801084, all the elected committee members (Officers and Ordinary) automatically become Trustees of the association (charity) and have a legal duty to ensure that the association (charity) acts lawfully and is managed properly.

Whilst Trustees have a legal duty it is important to remember that the Committee makes all decisions collectively. No one individual should take sole responsibility for a committee decision or activity.