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Art is an important part of the school experience at The Mall. From the moment your son joins the school, he will take part in a range of creative art activities. In Reception to Year 3, he is taught art in his classroom and then from Years 4 to 8, he is taught in a purpose built, spacious studio with state of the art lighting. There he will fire his own clay works of art in our kiln and be inspired by the extensive library of reference books and photographic resources.

He will be encouraged in his weekly lessons, regardless of ability, to develop his artistic potential and to enjoy being creative in a relaxed environment. He will be taught technical and practical skills to enable him to use a wide range of materials confidently and competently.

Every topic is supported by the work of artists both past and present. Your son is asked to respond thoughtfully and critically to a variety of ideas, images and objects from different cultures. He will be invited to broaden his outlook, to articulate and communicate ideas and to have opinions and feelings about his own work and that of others.


At The Mall, our aims for art are founded on the understanding that all pupils – regardless of ability – will:

  • Develop a positive attitude towards the subject and understand that art is a form of communication.
  • Develop technical skills in order to use a range of materials and techniques confidently and competently.
  • Develop their aesthetic sensibilities enabling them to evaluate visual images and interpret and record the world around them analytically.
  • Feel able to express their ideas and feelings in two and three dimensions, and stimulate their capacity for imaginative and original thought and experimentation.
  • Find enjoyment in creative activities and gain a sense of purpose, achievement and fulfilment in artistic expression.

By the time your son leaves The Mall he will have expressed ideas in two and three dimensions, and stimulated his capacity for imaginative and original thought. He will have produced work in the traditional themes of portraiture, still life, landscape and abstract art and will have an appreciation of elements such as colour, pattern, texture, line, tone, shape and form.

Your son's work is valued and will often be seen displayed in areas around the school.