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The Association has had another extremely successful fundraising year, with £27,968 donated to the Mall School for the benefit of our boys. This is an increase compared to amounts we have donated in the previous 3 years.

Total amount raised this academic year, 2016/2017 was £31,172 and it includes new sources of income such as Easy fundraising (£282) and employer contributions (£1,250). Total spent and donated was £41,510, including fundraising costs of £13,065.

Uses of Funds, Donated by the MSA in 2016/2017
Items funded by the msa donated amount
Pirate Ship £10,000
Activities for Reception to Year 8 £6,747
4x Starting Blocks for Swimming Pool £3,600
4x Table Tennis Tables £1,800
4x Basketball Posts £1,240
Goalposts / sport equipment £1,207
Assorted Musical Equipment (samba, etc) £1,162
Tennis Equipment £1,032
4x Cameras for the Junior classrooms £700
12x Clay Turntables £480
Total Amount Donated to the Mall School £27,968
Sources of Funds, Raised by the MSA in 2016/2017
Fundraising Activity Net Proceeds
Christmas Fair £4,338
FL Co-marketing £3,600
Summer Fair £3,017
Quiz Night £1,739
Cake Sales £1,510
Comedy Night £1,065
Concerts £636
Christmas Cards/Mugs £577
Other* £2,014
*Includes: pamper evening, movie nights, easy fundraising, plays, Y7/Y8 football tournament, Y2 run-around-quiz, sports day refreshments, disco, Northbrook wrapping paper and thrift shop.